We have a lot of ponies at the Rockin Star Ranch. You may have seen us
out at your school fair, or maybe at Davis Monthan's annual picnic, 
or maybe at the Pima Air and Space Museum. Maybe at your church.

We have carousel pony rides @ $5 for a 5 min ride.

We have lead line pony ride where you can lead your child around 
on our pony @$10 for 15 minutes 

We have Bumper Pony Rides For $8
Bumper Ponies come with a saddle, a seat belt,
reins, a mandatory helmet and a round pen.
Bumper ponies require a release form. 
These are a must see.

We give pony rides at the ranch.

Don't be afraid to request your favorite pony for your party or ride; 
They might be available the day you request. 
You can call 520-409-6700

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